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About Us

AutoVerse in real life

Nowadays, young people spend most of their time in front of their PC or console; this segment of our project aims to change that aspect and encourage young drivers to go outside and train their skills.
GPS tracking system will allow everyone to earn money by driving their car casually or racing.
Automotive partners will offer you better prices for parts, and partnered garages will provide you with discounts for repairs. 
Supported tracks will offer you rewards for setting new records.
Who knows, maybe you will become an AutoVerse racing team member one day.


Those who prefer virtual reality AutoVerse will also be available in MetaVerse open world.
Connected with the GPS tracking system, you will see real drivers that are using our platform.
A reputation system will allow you to take control over districts and earn passively commission that comes from garages and other buildings placed within range of it.
Garages are places for artists to offer custom painting to your car, and you can pay them in AutoVerse Token.
Every garage will require you to spend AutoVerse tokens, but there is no limit on how much you can build, as long as you can drive to the place you want to make it.
Mint your car into the game!
Once the game gets its final stage, we will enable a system that you can use to put your real car into our game, with every scratch visible (optional)
But for those who don’t own a car, we will also prepare various secret boxes to open and acquire their dream cars.
What will you do? Create a car empire or swap them around to get one of your dream cars? It’s your choice!

Trailer ❤️


Name and Symbol of the token

AutoVerse Token - AV

Token chain and contract

BEP20 - 0x000AutoVerse000

Max Supply

210 000 000

Total Supply

100 000 000

Liquidity lock

3 months initial

*if projects fail due to unknown reasons, we will use a liquidity pool to refund money equally to every holder.

Marketing fee target


AutoLiquidity target


Partnership reserve

30 000 000 AV


Q1 - 2022

• Estabilishment of team
• Website Creation
• Marketing to raise awereness of the project
• Game Trailer
• Private presale
• Public presale
• Launch on Pancakeswap
• Mini-Game Full version
• NFT Cars Cards

Q2 - 2022

• Start of GPS system development
• Partnerships with minor car companies
• Personal Vehicle Mint system (alpha)
• Beginning of MetaVerse world development
• Alpha Version of GPS tracking system
• Establishing partnerships with racing tracks global

Q3 - 2022

• GPS tracking beta
• MetaVerse world Alpha/Beta
• The first event hosted by AutoVerse (real-life + metaverse)
• Major car company partnership
• Personal Vehicle mint system full version
• GPS tracking device development
  • All above roadmap targets are only estimated and may not be 100% developed in this order, please treat this space as more informational rather than a sure thing, although everything we state is going to be developed sooner or later. Development is tricky and it’s impossible to estimate the exact time needed. 


We reserve the right to hide our personal information nowadays; many scammers use someone else’s images for their profit. Therefore, we decided not to show ourselves to secure our privacy and reputation. We hope that you understand our position.

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